2017 North American Solar Eclipse

2017 Eclipse Path. Image Credit: Eclipse 2017.org
2017 Solar Eclipse: People have been looking forward to the 2017 solar eclipse for many years. That is because this eclipse will cut straight through the heart of the United States allowing millions of Americans to view it. The last solar eclipse in the United States was in 1979 which was 38 years ago! Although about 87% of the Sun will be blocked by the Moon in Chicago, there will not be a total eclipse here. The eclipse map above will show the path of the eclipse and will help you plan where you will view it. Many are flocking to Carbondale Illinois where the eclipse will last the longest. Keep in mind that if it's cloudy in the few hours before the eclipse the MILLIONS of people in Carbondale will all want to leave to find clear skies at the same time, ensuring a giant traffic jam and no one there getting to see the eclipse. That's why it may be best to view from a less crowded area. A solar eclipse happens when the moon (in the new moon phase) passes in front of the Sun. This creates a shadow on the side of the Earth and makes it appear as if the sun is gone from our perspective. Eclipses allow for us Earthly viewers to see the Sun’s atmosphere the corona- something that is otherwise invisible. Eclipses also allow us to see stars and planets during the day, presenting an event that will look like nothing you've ever seen.
Solar Eclipse. Image Credit: Lonely11/ Shutterstock.com

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