Albireo, A Double Star

Albireo. Image Credit: Richard Yandrick/

Albireo, A Double Star: Albireo is one of the most well known double stars, and not without reason. This tight pair of stars appear to be blue and gold in the eyepiece. In fact, this system is  a triple star system as another star orbits the brighter gold star. The blue and gold stars may seem close together however they take 100,000 years to orbit each other. This double star cannot be split with a pair of binoculars but a small telescope will get the job done. To find Albireo look to the constellation of Cygnus, also known as the Northern cross. Look to the tail star of Cygnus and you’ve found Albireo. When you see it you will be struck by how beautiful and bright these blue and gold stars are!

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