Antares and M4. Image Credit: Fred Espenak
Antares: Antares is one of the brightest stars in the Southern sky and its rusty color has earned it the title “Rival of Mars.” Antares is more than 300 times brighter than the sun and puts out 60,000 times more power. This star is much younger than the sun at 12 million years compared to our sun's 4.5 billion years. Antares is a red giant and will die relatively soon once it runs out of fuel. Once this happens, Antares will go supernova but there is no way to know if this will happen very soon or in millions of years. In fact, Antares may already be gone as it is 550 light years away so our view of Antares is 550 years old. As a bonus, if you look about 1 degree West of Antares with aided vision, you can find the globular cluster M4.

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