Geminid Meteor Shower. Image Credit: Kenneth Brandon
Meteors: Meteors are typically debris the size of a grain of sand or smaller. When this debris hits Earth’s atmosphere it is going so fast it burns up. Meteors any bigger than a grain of sand are typically much rarer. However sometimes you might get lucky and see a meteor that is very big and slow going. This results from the meteor not being instantaneously vaporized like most other meteors. As a result, the meteor lasts longer and actually looks like a real fireball. But don't expect to see huge meteors. The meteor that hit Russia a few years ago was a once in a hundred year event. One cannot only see meteors during meteor showers. If you have patience on a dark night with little light pollution you would be surprised by how many meteors you’d see. There is always debris falling upon Earth, however small it may be!

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