NGC 869/NGC 884:Perseus Double Cluster

How to Find The Perseus Double Cluster. Image Credit: Earthsky
Perseus Double Cluster: The Perseus Double Cluster or NGC 869/NGC 884 is very bright and can even be seen with the naked eye (outside the city.) The clusters are around 7,500 light years away which tells us that these stars must be very large and bright. It is thought that the stars in both clusters are very young, and that they all formed from the same molecular cloud of hydrogen. Though both groups of stars move through space together, it is likely that over time they will separate from each other. To find the double cluster, look to the unmistakable W or M of the Northern constellation Cassiopeia the Queen. Then use the stars Navi and Ruchbah to point to the cluster. The  double cluster is easily found in binoculars as 2 glittering groups of stars. The double cluster looks great in binoculars but a telescope does wonders to it. If you have a wide field telescope the clusters will be easily seen in the finderscope. Then look in the eyepiece and be amazed! Happy hunting, and enjoy the famous clusters!
Perseus Double Cluster. Image Credit: One Minute Astronomer

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