Hyades Star Cluster

Hyades and NGC 1647 Star Clusters. Image Credit: Alan Dyer
Hyades Star Cluster: At 151 light years away, the Hyades cluster is the closest known star cluster to the solar system and is made up of many bright stars. Composing the head of Taurus the bull, the Hyades appear to be very close to the red supergiant Aldebaran. Just to the North of the Hyades is another open cluster. This other cluster, NGC 1647, is 2,000 light years away and is much dimmer than the Hyades. To find the Hyades find the red star Aldebaran and the cluster will be right next to it! The Hyades are a naked eye object and look best under binoculars. They are just too big to fit into a telescopic view! However you can use a telescope to try and pick out NGC 1647!

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