Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Image Credit: NASA
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: The title great red spot can be somewhat misleading as it has turned orange over the years, however it is still an enticing target. The great red spot has been observed ever since the invention of the telescope. Because of this, we don’t know how long this ginormous, 3 Earth sized storm has raged. This storm's winds make Earth's strongest winds seem petty, blowing up to 425 miles per hour, faster than the record tornado wind speed recorded (318 mph.) Although this storm is violent there’s a strange beauty to it so take every chance you have to observe it. To plan on observations of the GRS click on this chart. Remember that these predictions could be a few minutes off and that they show roughly 1/4 of the way through the transit which usually lasts around an hour and a half (according to The Sky X software). Also, don't forget to convert from Universal time to central time as UT is 5 hours ahead. Happy Observing!

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