Messier 33, Triangulum Galaxy

M33, Triangulum Galaxy. Image Credit: Patryk Kizny
M33, Triangulum Galaxy: The Triangulum Galaxy is the less well known neighbor in the sky to the famous Andromeda Galaxy (M31) but is no less spectacular. M33 is about 3 million light years away from us and approaching. The Triangulum galaxy is home to many active star forming groups including a massive region that is roughly 100 times the size of the Orion nebula! M33 is the 3rd largest galaxy in our local group, only being smaller than the Andromeda Galaxy and our own Milky Way Galaxy. The Triangulum galaxy is a naked eye object in the darkest of skies and is a good indicator of light pollution. If it isn’t visible to the naked eye or binoculars, the light pollution is pretty bad… To find the Triangulum galaxy look to the bright star Mirach in the constellation Andromeda. Then trace to Alpha Triangulum in the constellation Triangulum and you will find a hazy patch. This galaxy varies a lot with lighting conditions so it is best to view it from the darkest site possible. The galaxy will be a hazy, circular patch in binoculars and some spiral arms will become visible in larger aperture telescopes.

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