Messier 37, Open Cluster

Messier 37. Image Credit: Bernhard Hubl
Messier 37: Messier 37 is the brightest and densest of 3 open clusters in the constellation Auriga. At 4,400 light years away, this open cluster has a visual magnitude of 6.2. Messier 37 contains many different types of stars- up to 12,000 of them- including red giants and white dwarfs. In fact, there are so many stars that when looking through binoculars, the cluster will appear nebulous but in reality has so many stars packed together they appear as a cloud. To find Messier 37, look to the constellation Auriga. Scan the area with your binoculars and you will find the cluster just East of the lopsided hexagon of Auriga. Through a small sized telescope, this cluster will appear as a great congregation of stars that is sure to impress. If you want more, look inside Auriga’s hexagon and you’ll find 2 more clusters!

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