Messier 4, Globular Cluster

M4: 12 billion year old Messier 4 isn’t just one of the most diffuse globular clusters, it’s also one of the closest at 7,200 light years away from Earth. While it’s hard to resolve the center of dense clusters in small telescopes, M4 can easily be resolved. It is M4's low density (IX) that also makes it a good binocular target. In fact, Antares will likely be in the same field of view making you viewing experience stunning: red Antares next to a beautiful globular cluster. Messier 4 is also relatively easy to find as it is very near to the Scorpion’s Heart (1.3 degrees West) in the constellation Scorpius. However because of the cluster's low density, light pollution could make it less significant or even disappear. But don't fear as M4 has a stellar magnitude of 5.6, just out of reach of being a naked eye object. Good luck!
Image Credit: Live Journal
Messier 4 or M4 from European Southern Observatory.
Image Credit: European Southern Observatory

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