Messier 57, The Ring Nebula

M57: The Ring Nebula is perhaps one of the most famous nebulae out there. This nebula is a planetary nebula, meaning it is composed of the ejected gas from an old star and is expanding outwards. This type of nebula does not last long though, because the gas is quickly expanding and becoming more diffuse. Despite its name, research has shown that this nebula is actually a “jelly filled donut” shape and not a ring. Located in the constellation Lyra this nebula can be seen with just a 3 inch aperture telescope. You can find Lyra by locating Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky. Then trace between that stars Sheliak and Sulafat. To find M57.
Ring Nebula finder
Image Credit: Stellarium

M57 The Ring Nebula.JPG
M57, Ring Nebula. Image Credit: NASA

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