Messier 8, Lagoon Nebula

messier 8,m8,lagoon nebula
Messier 8, Lagoon Nebula. Image Credit: ESO
Messier 8: Located in the constellation Sagittarius, M8 is a huge star forming region that appears to be 3 times the size of the full Moon in our sky. In addition to that, Messier 8 contains a young star cluster that is responsible for causing the nebula to glow. This cluster was formed from the nebula itself, and once the stars were born, they began giving off intense radiation. This radiation energized the gas particles and they began glowing. Just like the giant star forming region M42 in Orion, M8 can be seen with the naked eye in good conditions. M8 is low and close to the Southern horizon, making it difficult to see without a clear view to the South. However, M8 can be found quite easily by first finding the “teapot” asterism in Sagittarius. To find the nebula, simply find the tip of the teapot and scan West. In Binoculars, the nebula will appear as a grey patch. In telescopes, the Nebula comes alive and many delicate features can be seen. As always, the bigger the telescope, the more detail can be seen!

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