NGC 7000, The North American Nebula

NGC 7000 & IC 5070
NGC 7000, North American Nebula, Image Credit:
NGC 7000, The North American Nebula: The North American Nebula is one of the biggest and brightest nebulae. At magnitude 4, NGC 7000 is a naked eye object and is easily seen as North America in binoculars. NGC 7000 is comprised of hydrogen that has been ionized by hot stars which causes the gas to glow. Although the nebula may be bright, it’s best to view it in pristine skies. Light pollution does a great job of reducing contrast between the nebula and the rest of the sky making it very hard to view. A remedy for this is simply leaving the light polluted skies for the country skies. If this isn't possible buy a light pollution filter to increase contrast. To find The North American Nebula, simply look to the summer triangle composing of the 3 stars Vega, Altair, and Deneb. First find Deneb and simply look about 3 degrees Southeast of it. You’ll find yourself a glowing, gray North America!

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