NGC 7662, Snowball Nebula

NGC 7662 in X-ray and Visible Light. Image Credit: NASA
NGC 7662, Snowball Nebula: Located in the constellation of Andromeda, NGC 7662 is a bright
planetary nebula between .35 and .70 light years in diameter. This uncertainty in size is due to the
fact that its distance is also relatively unknown, with estimates ranging 2000 light years. (1800-4000
light years) Like other planetary nebulae, the snowball is the result of a sun like star near the end of
its lifetime shedding away its skin of outer gasses. Though the nebula is bright, it is very small, and
requires a telescope to distinguish it from a star. However, a medium sized telescope will reveal some
of its structural detail. NGC 7662 is best seen in mid to late Fall and early Winter when Andromeda is
high in the sky. In addition to this, the crisp Autumn air is great for seeing conditions, especially for
such a small object.

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